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Jules Cristo's works of art are the first to ever be painted as prediction paintings of the world's most talk-about events. From George Floyd to the 751 unmarked graves of the Native American children that were discovered in Canada. Eleven of his paintings have come to pass. His style of art has been compared to Leonardo da Vinci & Michel de Nostredame. His original predictions art paintings are worth $19B Dollars, while the digital & prints are worth $1M Dollars.


Mr. Cristo has found a way to give back to those who never had an opportunity to establish wealth, by making his art prediction editions available to the public for a reasonable price, as well as some of his notable videos from Instagram. His signature along with his thumb print is with $1M Dollars alone. His goal is to teach individuals to invest in assets in order to secure their financial future. Investing takes a risk, but with a guaranteed value earned on the asset, a small investment will automatically be worth millions. He is the first in modern/contemporary art to ever be considered a living legend artist.