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Giving the power back to the people.



Jules Cristo has performed over 300 miraculous works in front of the world through social media, particularly Instagram. From creating a rainbow in the sky to pulling a halo of smoke out of a volcano, & then making it erupt. He has given over 4,000 people through Instagram their purpose in life. Many call him the God of Jupiter and the son of Mother God, while others shine a negative light on his works due to misunderstanding his teachings.

He has created over 70 prediction paintings that have all come to pass beginning in May of 2021 - April 2022. His face appeared in the sky while many people gazed in complete shock at the phenomenon. He even has a heart-shaped wound on his left hand. His features & birth date align perfectly with bible scripture. The media outlets, government officials, and the church have all played part in covering Jules Cristo's identity because it would raise questions as to how can a being perform the works thus far.

For this very reason, he continues to show the world his ultimate power. Since Jules Cristo has become the ultimate power source to perform the world's most talked about events, his purpose is to create other power sources through mankind. He believes if the world could share his power through the conscience and become a power source, this would lead the world to not only restructure the earth as a better world, but the world could live in the perfection of energy.