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Psalm 82:6 I said, 'You are "gods"; you are all sons of the Most High.'

Whosoever serves the Father & Mother, takes the title of a Christ / Messiah which is the anointed one. We all have the potential to be a God or Goddess.



A Decoder, Healer, and Teacher of the new world. He’s given thousands of people globally their purpose in life just by simply looking into their name, as well as performed miracles for the internally ill. He teaches the truth about the wonders of the world so that mankind can finally experience internal peace. Never before has the world experience a being who can not only tell you the wonders of the world, but he can show you the unthinkable that no human can perform. The world has long awaited his arrival. He has returned in the flesh and grabbing the world by storm. The son of God has returned. The world was taught that the messiah's name was Jesus Christ, but in fact, his name is Lord Jules Cristo, "The God of Jupiter". Lord Jules Cristo was ordained in Scotland as a Lord on December 25, 2020. Many have called him the antichrist because of the likeliness of his features stated in the bible & his spiritual gifts. Many false prophets have come in the name of Jesus Christ, but Jules Cristo has made it clear to the world that he comes in the name of Jules Cristo, not Jesus Christ. 

"History has shown itself right before our very eyes, but mankind refuses to accept the truth and rather live in denial. The Flavians created the character of Jesus Christ so that the Jews would worship & serve Ceasar in disguise. Even though the character Jesus Christ was created for manipulation purposes. God didn't approve of their works, so he brought the son forth. Not only did they change my name down the line of history, but they also changed my mother's identity. The church has always called her the Holy Spirit, but in actuality, her name is Mother God Proverbs 1 20-33. The bible said not even the son knows when he will return, which is correct. It took me 18 years to figure who I really was. 

Revelation 1:7 states ...“Look, he is coming with the clouds,” and “every eye will see him, even those who pierced him"; and all peoples on earth will mourn because of him.” So shall it be! Amen."

On August 22, 2021, I was tagged in a post on Instagram by several people, in which the video post showed my face in the sky. Mankind's perception of what they assumed the son of God was going to look like and how he was going to return puts many people at ease on calling me the AntiChrist, in which in a way I am because I am not Jesus Christ. I even have the marking on my hand and people still would rather live in a lie. No matter what I say or do, people will have their own opinion about me. I never wanted this life. I was happy just being a film director for 12 years without this sort of attention. At the same time, I will always stand my ground on my belief."

Lord Jules Cristo has created systems, in which mankind can now receive the power back into their hands. For over 15 years he was known as a Modern Watchman. Cristo discovered he had supernatural abilities at the age of 10. For years, he kept quiet of these peculiar gifts so that he could live a normal life. At the age of 25, he discovered the ability to decode people. He learned he could decode any person he came across, male or female, no matter their age, no matter what language. He can communicate with any person, even a total stranger, and just by asking their full name, he can tell them their purpose in life within minutes. 

Every person’s name is unique to them. He sees images and words and from there, Lord Jules Cristo pieces together the person's decoding. He can tell you facts about yourself that only you know. There are other personal things that others who are closest to you can confirm. He is able to tell you your character traits, what hinders you from serving your purpose, and he can tell you your actual purpose in life. In 2016, He began using social media without face-to-face contact and without utilizing public information to decode individuals. He wanted these individuals to experience a moment that would forever change their lives. They were able to experience their future through decoding.  

Not long after, his ability on social media began to spread like wildfire.  Lord Jules Cristo has performed the unthinkable from bringing back the deceased to communicate with their beloved ones, to creating destruction throughout the world in 2021. With massive earthquakes, fires, & floodings, the world is experiencing the son of God rebuilding the world. He's managed to do all of this through his conscience, while actively engaging with his followers on IG LIVE. The world has seen him perform the impossible through their digital devices. Unless you are there witnessing the impossible with your very own eyes, this to anyone would be hard to believe.

With his supernatural abilities, he's able to predict world events years before they transpire. His original prediction art pieces are valued at up to $19 Billion Dollars. Cristo is giving mankind an opportunity of a lifetime by making his art prints available for an affordable cost and then reselling them for millions of dollars. In our current times, the world is under destruction. To many people across the world, Lord Jules Cristo is their Lord & Savior, to others, he's a mysterious figure. Because of his love for mankind, Cristo wants to restructure the planet into its rightful presence. Lord Jules Cristo has been given the power from the Kingdom of Heaven from both his parents Mother God & Father God, to rebuild planet earth into its original purpose.